Before the year ends…

It is the time of year when most of us plan to give. Sometimes it is a puppy for the family at Christmas. Sometimes it is treating ourselves to that delicious dessert. Sometimes it is a generous donation to the local outreach center. Whatever your year-end plans are, please consider including the children, the families and the refugees that Feeding The Nations reaches every day. You can be the difference between hope and heartache in the coming year! Donate … read more>>

Afghanistan: Nutrition and Hope for Families in Kabul

Feeding The Nations provided over 450,000 meals to families living in Kabul and surrounding regions. All of this was possible because of our partnership The Bayat Foundation. Every year, the Foundation’s Food and Nutritional Assistance Program provides hundreds of thousands of meals to Afghans. The program is a vital part of the Foundation’s family assistance initiatives, which provide Afghan families and children with meals, clothing, school supplies and other basic necessities. Each meal kit contains pre-packaged, shelf stable, easily prepared meals that are fortified with proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients. The Bayat Foundation’s staff worked in partnership with local schools, to ensure that the food assistance reached the largest possible number of students and … read more>>

Iraq: Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

We recently sent 1,260 boxes of meals to Iraq that were distributed through outreaches by our partner Light a Candle Project. These outreaches gave hope to widows and food to starving families in refugee camps. It fed babies who entered the world due to rape by ISIS and are thus abandoned. These packages of food that we sent are changing lives, not just because of the nutrition they contain, but the hope of the Gospel that comes with them. At one camp in Mosul, 6,750 people (of which, about 4,050 were children) received 18 packages of food each. These families lived under ISIS rule for two to four years. Almost all of them have suffered from the heartbreak of losing family members and having their homes destroyed. The refugees in the camp cannot leave and buy food, so what is … read more>>

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