Hurricane Harvey Update: Help for Houston

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we partnered with World Compassion Network by providing $1,000 for them to purchase necessary supplies. We just received word that thousands of families are being cared for and that areas in need of assistance are being reached. World Compassion Network's disaster relief coordinator sent the following note of thanks and photos: Thank you so much for your partnership in this recent load down to Houston! Because of your generosity, thousands of families are being cared for and assisted in these difficult times. Our partners at Embassy Church in Porter, Texas have the capacity and connections to distribute these supplies all over Houston. They're reaching areas that have not yet been cared for, families who are in great need, and … read more>>

1.36 million meals ready to send. How will you help?

We have a big challenge ahead. We have food ready to send, but we can’t get it where it needs to be. Over the past few months, our hemisphere has been hit by multiple disasters. A series of hurricanes brought devastation to our states, the Caribbean and Central America. Then in September, Mexico was struck by an earthquake that registered 8.1 on the Richter scale. There has been an outpouring of gifts to these devastated island nations, Mexico, and our own country. But there is more to do. We have a warehouse full of food that needs to go to these stricken nations. But we don’t have the finances to send it. We have 5 containers, each 40-feet long and carrying over 272,000 meals ready to go. Each one costs almost $6,000 to ship to these countries. That’s $30,000 to send … read more>>

The Beans & Rice Challenge

We’ve all heard the expression to “walk a mile in another man’s shoes.” But what if we ate for a week from someone else’s bowl? Someone like Zoré Issouf. Issouf is an orphan living in Burkina Faso. Issouf comes from a family with eight siblings. His father died because of alcohol. The children were left to a younger uncle who also began to drink heavily and died a few years later. Issouf’s sisters were forced to get married and the other brothers are doing small jobs in the village. Right now, nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day*. That’s more than 3 billion people who, each day, try to survive on the cost of a medium fast food milk shake. Do you know the difference $2 can make? It can provide 40 meals to hungry people around the … read more>>

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