Ukraine: The Flight of Refugees

Eastern Ukrainians are running from Russian aggression. They are fleeing a war zone. This nation desperately needs our prayers. And they need our help. Read more here.

Celebrating 10 Years!

Over the last decade, we have reached 75 nations with much needed food. Through God’s guidance and grace, we have sent 135 million meals to the hungry and hurting around the world. We give thanks for these 10 years and we look to the future, asking God where to go next, where to continue, where to send His love to those who need it most. Read more here.


Current missions include the following:

Afghanistan, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Greece, El Salvador , India and USA. 

What are we doing?

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What's behind the numbers?

We can talk about reaching 25 nations in one year, but what does that look like? What are the stories of those who have been helped? Read our latest issue of the Journal to go deeper and learn more.

Reaching a War Zone

Last fall we told you that our friends and partners in Afghanistan were out of food. We asked for an outpouring of love and support, and thanks to your response, food has arrived. Read more here.


Hope for Israel

Currently there are thousands fleeing to the Promised Land for safety and refuge. And we can help them. Read more here.


Greece: A High Price for Faith

 Refugees have been fleeing the Middle East, leaving behind their homes, families, jobs and all they know. Nearly 1 million have entered Greece in hopes of finding something better. But, with Greece in the midst of a financial catastrophe, it is struggling to support its own people, leaving many refugees to live in parks and other make-shift homes. Recently, FTN went to Greece to feed hundreds of these refugees, while sharing the love of Christ with them. Read more here.

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