Lebanon: The Important Work of Feeding Refugees

Lebanon has become a place of refuge for Syrians and Iraqis who are fleeing their homes due to violence and unrest. Many of these refugees have witnessed atrocities firsthand. They have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods and more. Out of desperation and with great risk, they have fled to a foreign land in hope of finding refuge. We give thanks for our partner, Pastor G*, who has been working with Syrian and Iraqi refugees within Lebanon. In October, we provided Pastor G with over $10,000. With those funds, his ministry was able to provide the following: 100 boxes of food for the value of $50 each. 70 were distributed in the church to new refugees who had recently arrived in Beirut, and 30 were distributed in the camp in Hermel, which is located close to the borders between … read more>>

Responding to Our Nation in Need

Last year, the city of Baltimore, MD, experienced violence and unrest in response to the death of Freddie Gray. To help the city heal, Feeding The Nations partnered with Rite of Passage to provide food and multivitamins for those in need. We provided meals for the Beans & Bread Resource Center in Baltimore. The Center offers a comprehensive day program that offers lunch, shower and laundry services, healthcare, and shelter for the displaced. Volunteers prepared the meals and served them to those in need. A portion of the vitamins were given to the Saint Joseph Church Soup and Shelter program. The shelter serves over 50 families in need each week by providing food, clothes and medical support. While we do feed nations around the world, we also reach people within our … read more>>

Ukraine: The Privilege of a Banana

In the United States, it is easy to live with oblivious privilege. Recently, Pastor Diane, with a small team, visited orphans, elderly and refugees in the Ukraine. They experienced emotional extremes of happiness and pure joy, along with heart-wrenching sorrow. They came face-to-face with the realities of just how privileged many of us are without realizing it. And it’s as simple as the fruit we eat. Feeding The Nations sent $5,000 to our partner Svetlana from Heart to Heart Ministry in the Ukraine. These funds allowed the ministry to purchase much-needed items and even special gifts, including apples, oranges and bananas for the elderly. Fruit that commonly sits on the counters of American homes (and even gets tossed instead of eaten when it over ripens) is a rare luxury. Some of the … read more>>

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